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Diploma of Transformational Holistic Counselling

Accredited with the Australian Holistic Healers...

A New Chapter – 10 Things About Divorce

10 things about being divorced: Freedom – you...

Grief – A String of Pearls

It seems that life is simple, however not so...

Your Counselling Appointments With Linda

daisyAs the head, heart and soul of Source Centre, Linda understands how challenging it can be to get through life relatively unscathed.

There are many emotional impacts which occur throughout life that provide us with opportunities to carry on, find courage within ourselves, let go, forgive, be vulnerable, stand up, heal and love.

Source Centre specialises in the areas of grief and loss, and the ending of relationships.  These are areas in life where we are often unprepared to deal with the depth of emotion, whether they occur suddenly or following an illness or souring relationship. Linda has overcome the challenges in both of these areas within her own life.

She was able to find something within her that encouraged her to go on, to be stronger as a result, to feel all the feelings associated with such grief and to ultimately be grateful for the experience.  (read her articles in the resource section for some insights into Linda’s journey – see if you can relate)

Through the delivery of high quality services and programs and operating to very clear ethical guidelines, Source Centre standards are continually being raised.  We are compassionate, supportive and always open to finding a better way that works for you. Dedicated to being real and authentic and offering open hearted support towards you finding your way to healing and wholeness also.

Life has not always been kind to us, we understand this and offer resources to assist in the healing of those impacts which remain unhealed.  Through letting go of the past we can free ourselves and begin to look towards a future.

We welcome you and acknowledge all who are on a healing journey.

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November 25, 2016 |

Diploma of Transformational Holistic Counselling

Accredited with the Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association, once successfully completed, this 12...

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